Posted by: tacoshoprankings | August 30, 2011

Utah is back!!!

Been off the grid for awhile. I was thinking of pullin the plug on the blog, but the fans have spoken. Thanks for all the support, and I’ll get some reviews up asap. Standby for pics and words from a recent visit to Swamis. Not really a taco shop, but they make a killer black bean burrito. And yes you can add chicken or beef. Coming soon…….. Also standby for reviews from Deez Nutz, and the Colonel himself.



  1. I have my Ronald Regan mask ready, awaiting orders.


    • Nutz,
      As a Knighted Tacoshoprankings contributer you are hearby ordered to review the taco shop of your choice. The demand is too high, been getting many calls from people who want another review from Deez Nutz……


  2. I need to get on it. The DJ has been underground far too long.

    • Nightstick,
      Can’t wait for your review of Lucha Libre Taco Shop. I heard it’s a favorite of the agents at the SD Federal building.

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