Posted by: tacoshoprankings | August 2, 2010

La Torta Loca #2 Taco Shop review

I’m currently looking for some good Taco Shops outside of San Diego. I had just about written off Louisville, KY when I drove by this place. La Torta Loca #2
I’m not sure where #1 is and it doesn’t really matter. 1 way to tell a Taco Shop’s legitimacy is if it’s numbered or not. For examble Adalbertos by itself isn’t very credible, but Adalbertos #9 is a sign of a great Taco Shop.
This place is great, you can get just about anything you want: Tacos, burritos, tamales, tortas, rolls, carne asada plates, whatever. I was about to get a carne asada burrito but opted to go for the asada fajita plate instead. You get huge portions here, the fajita plate feeds 2 hungry people no problem. The food was excellent, fresh salsa, and your choice of beverage: Jaritos or Coke in a bottle. Oh and the corn tortillas are made fresh daily. Very reasonable prices as well. If this place was in SD it would rival some of the best Taco Shops in that area.
La Torta Loca is easily the best Taco Shop in KY and maybe the best in the entire North Central U.S.


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