Posted by: tacoshoprankings | May 20, 2010

Rudy’s taco shop review

This place is AWESOME!!!!!!! A true taco shop. You can even do your grocery shopping while you’re there. Rudy’s has 2 locations: 1 in Solana Beach and the other in La Costa. I went to the one in Solana beach. I ordered the veggie burrito and the California burrito.
The veggie burrito was huge and is an excellent choice after surfing for 3 hours. I must warn you, go do something active after having this burrito or else you’ll be in an intense burrito induced coma for the rest of the day. If the waves are half way decent- get back out there.
The California burrito is excellent as well. But again I must warn you they really pack in a ton of carne asada in that thing. I’ve never been to a taco shop that hooks you up with that much carne. The hot sauce rules at this palce and the service is excellent.
Rudy’s Taco shop has earned spot #36 and replaced Roberto’s in Solana Beach for spot #4.  36.) Best veggie burrito in Solana Beach. Special thanks goes out to Bill for the recommendation.



  1. Dude, I got totally excited just reading about the shop. I cannot wait to get down there. I think I need an excuse for a road trip. The suburbs are too stifling.

  2. Ah yes I believe this is the spot currently operated by Wild Bill’s buddy, Mr. D. Grimes!

    • What’s up Deez Nutz? We need you to review another taco shop. Mr. Grimes owns the La Costa Rudy’s, I went to the one in Solana Beach. I heard his rocks though.

  3. Yes Sir Special Agent Utah. I’ve had my eye on one for a while. It’s in a strip mall right next to the railroad tracks. I’ve also seen a sign up that they serve goat sometimes. I’ll report back my findings.

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