Posted by: tacoshoprankings | May 20, 2010

Mama Testa Taqueria review.

This place is very well known TV, radio you name it. Cesar Gonzalez the owner of Mama Testa lays claim to best fish tacos in SD. Some fellow agents and I decided to pay this place a visit.

The food was decent, we ordered fish tacos, bistec tacos, and some tacos de pollo. The fish tacos were good but you would expect a lot more from all the hype. The tacos de pollo were ok, and the bistec tacos were good but i’ve had better. Cool place with good service and an excellent salsa bar. A little on the pricey side most likely due to its Hillcrest location.
Definitely not the best fish tacos in SD. So far that title belongs to Point Loma Seafood. But there are rumors of a little taco truck somewhere near 35th and University that just might have the best fish tacos this side of Rosarito.
Mama Testa Taqueria has earned spot #35 on the rankings: Most hyped up taco shop in SD.



  1. First of all, your review of Mama Testa’s was blinded by your own unrealistic expectations. The tacos from Mama Testa’s is fresh and delicious.

    Mama Testa’s has some of THE most authentic Mexican food in SD… as far as taco shops go, it is THE most authentic tacos in SD. It is too bad you can’t see that as your too busy comparing authentic Mexican tacos to the the “Double Cruncharito Taco” w/ extra nacho cheese from Toxic Hell to even see this… flippin’ unbelievable.

    I am flabbergasted that you didn’t even give their salsa bar any props. That IS THE BEST salsa bar in any taco shop in SD.

    BTW, as a person who just spent 5 years living in Point Loma, the fact that you crowned PL Seafood as the best fish taco, is RIDICULOUS!! As PL Seafood is only good Fry-O-lating fresh seafood, I take it you feel they have the best fried fish taco… that can be debated, but the best all around fish taco is the grilled Mahi-Mahi taco at South Beach in OB… in fact, I hear that is the only redeeming of OB these days.

    Let this comment be a warning to you and your so-called-Blog… I’m watching you and I’ll have my opinion, too.


    • AztecTaco69,
      My review of Mama Testa wasn’t all that negative. Yes they do have a good salsa bar and the food is good. I’m just saying I’ve had better, and the place is f#cking hyped up. As for the Point Loma seafood review, a trusty consultant made that claim and I stand by his judgement. But, like I said there are rumors of a taco truck near 35th and University that may have the best fish tacos this side of Todos Santos. I can’t really agree with you on South Beach, but Pac Shores rules! You’re not a fan of the TKE burrito are you?

  2. Wow, Utah awesome review. I recently went to Mama Testa and agree completely with your review.
    That taco truck near 35th sounds interesting, I think I’ll check it out.
    As for that Aztec Taco69 guy, ha he’s probably a Zonie and just moved here a month ago.

    I love this website, keep it up!

  3. Simpson… Your Mom’s from Zona!!!

    I have to agree, the TKE burrito is the most phallic of all burritos… not my cup of tea.

    Let me tell you, Mr. Utah… You represent North county pretty well… All if this makes me feel you are an expert on the most precious resource in San Diego, beside tattoos… THE TACO SHOP.

    But, Mr. Utah, I have to say you’re THE #1 expert on San Diego Taco shops.

    I humbly await your answer.

    – AztecTaco69

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