Posted by: tacoshoprankings | March 12, 2010

Pedro’s Taco shop review from Deez Nutz (Legit consultant)

We went to San Clemente on Saturday. Ate at Pedros, Grat carne asada burrito. Big chunks of carne cooked very well and lost of good guac too. Just eat it fast becasue the tortilla soaks up all the carne juices and gets a little mushy for the last 2-3 bites. Amy had the BRC burrito and loved it as usual. They also do good breakfast burritos with potatos. As a bonus they provide those Kraft Brand Hot Sauce packets that we used on Chicken Sandwiches for lunch at Poly! I guess they even have another location now in Fallbrook, CA. So Pedros is still going strong and still tastes great!



  1. Pedro’s is awesome! Love the hot sauce packs.

  2. I’d like to have a burrito with Deez Nutz one day

  3. Who wants Deez Nutz?

    • You met Deez Nutz a couple of weeks ago. He’s a consultant for the north OC region as well as the I.E.

  4. Deez Nutz sound legit.

  5. I question your legitimacy but I admire your reputation.

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