Posted by: tacoshoprankings | December 17, 2009

Currently on location in Portland OR.


So far I’ve found 1 legit taco shop. It’s called Taqueria La Estacion.



  1. Orgoneans don’t know squat about tacos! Stay away from the tofu tacos!

  2. I understand your concern, but this Taco Shop is legit. It’s nothing special, a little hole in the wall but killer food. It may be the only legit Taco Shop in the whole state.

  3. It doesn’t look legit. But you know your tacos so I will trust you on this one.

    • It really is legit. It would be a kick ass taco shop in SD. That picture on the home page is a “custom” veggie burrito from that taco shop. Check out the pics link: Good Reno 911 article, and Chula Vista burrito championships.

  4. I’m not sold on veggie anything. I end up ordering it and adding a pound of carne asada.

    • With Red or Green sauce?

      • I follow the same wine theory as hot sauce: red sauce with red meat and green sauce with white meat.

      • I like your philosophy.

  5. Not many places have the green sauce and even fewer complement the burrito. I do like the benitos green sauce in LA, but their red sauce sucks. ….and most of their food gives me labor pains hours after ingestion. I went through a phase in college where I’d put sriracha on my taco stand burritos and it was good. Now that I’m older and a little bolder….sriracha makes me sh!t water.

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