Posted by: tacoshoprankings | November 17, 2009

Upcoming Taco shop reviews

Rudy’s in Solana Beach.

Lucha Libre Taco Shop in “Hill Crest”.



  1. I hear these guys make a mean California burrito…make sure its got sour cream though…

  2. La Cascada in downtown R-side. Usually good food. Have had good Carnitas and carne asada tacos. Seafood is their speciality, however I was unimpressed with their standard ceviche. Only white fish, no shrimp, or other seafood. Perhaps the “mixed ceviche” is a better choice. My wife had a Wet BRC burrito, but they forgot to add the rice. Still, I ate the half she had left over the next day and it was quite good.

    ~Senior Nutz

    • Good food at La Cascada. What’s the name of that one taco shop downtown, Tios Tacos? I had a great Carne Asada Buritto down there.

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