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Current SD Taco Shop rankings (as of 12 Nov 11)

Taco shop rankings:

(Esther’s RIP)
1.) Best place to be robbed at gunpoint-Roliberto’s
2.) Best Taco shop in Oceanside – Colima’s
3.) Best Taco shop in Carlsbad – Senor Gruby’s
4.) Best after surf Taco shop in Del Mar/Solana Beach/Cardiff area – Rudy’s

5.) Contender for best Carne Asada burrito in SD – Estrada’s (Escondido)
6.) Best Gordita north of Juarez – Estrada’s
7.) Best Bean and Rice Burrito in SD – Taco Fiesta (Mission Valley)
8.) Best custom Veggie Burrito in SD – Cotixan (Serra Mesa)
9.) Second best Veggie Burrito in SD – Santanna’s (Midway)
10.) Best Steak or Chicken fajita Burrito in SD – Trujillos (College Area)
11.) Sombrero’s-decent all around
12.) Santana’s in Midway-Best CA burrito (Contender)
13.) Tacos El Gordo-best al pastor tacos
14.) Super Sergio’s-best mulitas (Convoy)
15.) Lourdes-best chicken soup
16.) Albertaco’s in College area-best breakfast burrito
17.) Best Burrito’s in Downtown SD – Pokeez
18.) Best Mexican food in Coronado – Costa Azul
19.) Best Mexican food in Old Town – The place on the hill
20.) Best “Rolls” in Kearny Mesa – Casa Machado
21.) Best combination plates in SD – El Indio (Mission Hills)
22.) Best Carnitas in SD – Uruapan in Lemon Grove
23.) Best Burritos in PB – Taco Surf
24.) Best Burritos off Morena – JV’s
25.) Gayest burrito: the TKE from Los Panchos at SDSU
26.) Best bang for buck: the BRC from El Pollo Loco (although no longer .99, RIP)
27.) Cheapest bean and rice burrito – Su Robertos (Lake Murray area)
28.) Worst guacamole sauce in SD – Panchos (college area, Note: same place that serves the TKE Burrito)                           29.) Best after surf Torta in PB- La Torta on Cass                                                                                                                                             30.) Closest Burritos to Ghettoridge- Rojelios (Vons shopping center)                                                                                                 31.) Best Ham & Egg Burrito in SD (Pinder Burrito) – Trujillos                                                                                                                    32.) Best Red Sauce in SD – Taco Fiesta                                                                                                                                                                33.) Best guacamole, salsa and chips- Taco Fiesta                                                                                                                                          34.) Best Fish Tacos in SD – Point Loma Seafood                                                                                                                                              35.) Most hyped up taco shop in SD – Mama Testa Taqueria (Hillcrest) (sorry Steve                                                                      36.) Best Veggie Burrito in Solana Beach- Rudy’                                                                                                                                              37.) Brightest Orange hot sauce- Albertacos (college area)                                                                                                                        38.) Best Black Bean Burrito in SD – Swamis                                                                                                                                                       39.) Most Copied Taco Shop in SD – Alberto’s                                                                                                                                                   40.) Best Taco Shop near the airport/Best Taco shop for Federal agents – Lucha Libre Taco Shop                                              41.) Best Taco Shop in RB – Jalapenos                                                                                                                                                                   42.) Most diverse employee staff/ most runny beans – Su Robertos



  1. 100% Pure Adrenaline!

  2. For veggie I gotta go with the veggie supreme at El Zarape. Best after surf torta- La Torta on Cass in PB.

  3. Definitely agree with you about La Torta. It’s been added to the list. I’ll have to check out El Zarape.

  4. I had a choco-taco the other day. Those are pretty delicious.

  5. In reference to #28 – I believe Pancho’s is under new ownership and new name…give them another chance.

    • Pancho’s sucks!

      • lmfao

      • Who is that?

  6. Saved mad scrilla with B&R at taco fiesta

    • Thank you for your service, Colonel Trautman. Taco Fiesta is awesome!

  7. Esther’s had an ok veggie burrito, but it always gave me burning bum.

    • To get the ultimate thrill, sometimes you have to be willing to pay the ultimate price.

    • It baffles me as to why this existed for so long. I figured someone would burn it to the ground so that they could start from scratch and make a real burrito (and kill the roaches).

      • If Panchos lasted for so long its gotta tell you that the standards of a drunken college student will keep any burrito stand open forever. Esters was no different.

      • I agree with you about Panchos. Easy on the Esters comment, that place was actually good.

      • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  8. I gotta agree. You can’t put a price on convenience.
    What about Cafe Zia? They had that fruit chutney they’d put on. Was on Montaezuma Rd. Kinda not with the whole mexican food thing but a burrito none the less.

    • Cafe Zia, ah yes. That place is actually very good. Unfortunately I can’t categorize it as a taco shop, great food though.

      • Understandable.
        What’s the name of the burrito shop on new pork ave. right across from the beach? I don’t suppose any of the food sticks out. But Sunshine company, the bar down the street from it, had good Ceviche!

      • I forgot the name. Hohman would know. There’s a shitty taco shop across the street from it though. Best Jack and Cokes in OB: Pac Shores.

      • Yeah Pac Shores!
        Also the restaurant on the corner has great fish tacos.

      • Best Fish Tacos in SD maybe? What’s the name?

      • Point Loma Seafood has the freshest and best fish tacos. Comes with mad rice and beans and the swordfish is always fresh. Little pricey, but go big or go home.

      • PL Seafood added to the rankings.

  9. hmmm South Beach Bar and Grill?

  10. South Beach Bar and Grill? Fish tacos are good. But its a sit down place.

    Oh also best guacamole, salsa and chips has to go to taco fiesta again.

    • You’re right it is called South Beach. I just walked by it the other day when I was in OB. It has descent food but nothing to make a big deal about.
      You just can’t say anything bad about Taco Fiesta, that place rules!!! I’ll add that to the list.

  11. this is a horrendous ranking system. it makes little sense and it practically ignores 90% of the taco shops throughout san diego county. if youre trying to crown something the “best” in the city, you need to try more places and expand your horizon within a whale’s vagina.

    • You suck Max!

      • Let me know when you decide to start the LA chapter of TSR. If you ever make it to the valley here you gotta come with me to Las Fuentes Mexican Restaurant. This place is ridiculous. Maybe the best chicken chili verde burrito I’ve ever had. Salsa bar is stupendous and they make WINE margaritas that are so good you’ll be up for a night of hoggin after 3 or 4.

      • Lets hit that place up soon. You are hereby Knighted to start the LA chapter of TSR.

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